Some Seed For Thought… 1 way to battle carbon emissions is to compost our vegetable scraps and biodegradable bits = better soil! Click on these very knowledgeable links to learn how to compost and all about how to make soil on our sandbar. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

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Food for thought! Read about the great flower farms I’ve highlighted here that we use for good reason.

Weddings aren’t all what you think they are! The wedding floral business is full of single use packaging materials most not recyclable and you probably shouldn’t smell the flowers. Chemicals sprayed on these buds have been linked to depression, skin inflammation and cancer! Make sure you know what you’re getting because most wedding florists or general florists capitalize on holidays and events so therefore order in bulk from major -huge -major greenhouses with poor worker conditions and horrible effects on our planet. My goal is to bring new light to a better way of life. Please consider reading some links below. Namaste.

8 wonders of Composting 101! first of all every household, apartment or RV can compost. We have to start making a difference in how we live better for the better outcome on our planet duh! Ok here’s how you can get involved by doing. 1. Dig a troth or large ditch at home or get a space approved at your complex. 2. Order worms at or get some red wigglers somewhere alive. 3. Start a kitchen bin with a lid or a bag in the freezer of all plant scraps, some napkins, some cardboard and anything that the worms will break down. Shells from food are ok like oyster shells and egg shells however oyster shells do not break down don’t add too many. No meat can go in the compost. We have to be concerned about bad bacteria. 4. Get a pitch fork, foliage like dry leaves or old lettuce, paper bags torn up and get some loose dirt going in the troth. 5. Toss in all scraps and water the compost, tossing the soil every couple days. The worms will multiply when feed well! 6. Keep a board or lid over your compost to keep out critters like racoons invited over for free dinner or birds getting a free breakfast. 7. Keep in mind products you buy and their packaging. The idea is to live more net zero by composting your consumables you can’t use ya know like eat or reuse upcycle.. 8. Eat the soil! just kidding.. but use the rich amazing soil from compost for planting and watch things thrive! It’s ok if a few worms end up in there too.

Poison Ivy Compress

Make a satchel witb Oats, Chamomile and Tea Tree Oil.

Take a luke warm bath and compress affected area.

Bath salts with lavender helps too!

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