Maritime Flowers is all about The Earth & Sustainable Lifestyles. That means we grow and source locally with organic matter never using chemicals or shipping waste. Reusing and upcycling is the only way to go so you’ll find our vases are all unique!

Vase Bundles come in small 8-10 stems $25, medium 10-18 stems $45 or large $65 18-26 stems. The bigger the bundle, the larger the vase, the more unique of an arrangement. Delivery is $5 for every 3 miles from Nags Head and most orders can be delivered same day but a pre-order a week in advance is appreciated.

Restaurant, Hotel or Office Delivery is now available weekly and bi-weekly. Pricing for bundles for businesses do not include a vase but are same quantity / price as above plus delivery cost.

Here’s a list of what’s coming and available for August into September:

Ageratum: Purple

Bells of Ireland 

Bernard Giant Zinnia: Orange, Purple, Coral, Scarlet, Lime, Orange, Red

Celosia: Sunday Orange, Texas Plume, Sylphid, Kuramae Orange Red, Gold

Cosmos: White, Pink, White and purple outline, dark pink

Coxcomb: Lemon, Raspberry, Coral

Cosmos: Double clicks snow puff, Cranberry, Bicolor

Dahlias: Pink, Purple, White, Red, Peach

Dianthus Sweet Williams: Purple/ Pink


Gomphrena: Pink, Purple, White

Golden Rod

Grasses: Sage Grass, Bunny Tails, Wheat Grasses, Zebra Grass, Millet, Frosted Explosion

Hydrangea: Limelight

Lisianthus: Medium pink

Marigold: Jedi Orange, Falcon Yellow

Mahogany Splendor Hibiscus

Poppies: White and Pink

Rudbeckia: Yellow and Black

Sunflower: Orange and Black

Sunfill Green Sunflower: Red, Lemon, White Lite, White Nite

Tall Strong Mint

Tall Flowering Lemon Basil

Tuberose: White

Upright Amaranth: Dark red, light orange, gold

Zinnia: Orange, White, Banana, Green, Red

Specific Orders

It’s OK if your are a designer or have one but want some stems I work with in my biz. Email me an inquiry of what you need and I’ll send back price options. I only use sustainable, local flower farms and my own safe garden so I can source some awesome buds for your event! These are as natural as it gets which means they can vary in size and color so foremost you’re behind the organic project mindset and less likely to be a control freak.

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