Venmo is a way for taking sales but also taking donations. Let’s get busy spreading the word to raise funds for building soil on this sandbar! I’m absolutely 110% sure we will collect restaurant scraps and teach home owners or vacationers about composting community wide. The islands here are constantly nourished to help prevent decay. We can actually produce our own rich soil for growing food and flowers right here. This increases overall health of our piece of Earth. Pollinators will love you! < maybe that’s the new future T-Shirt? 

Donate today to help support the big compost project in Outer Banks. The goal is using all kitchen scraps, saving the earth from more trash bags, while it makes the most delicious soil. It takes work to get restaurants and people involved in this movement. Every donation helps with transportation, costs of barrels, tools and time AND LAND to compost on.

Currently my personal compost goes back into the flowers raised here and back into the pots of plants that leave here.

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