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Bundles for special orders & deliveries start at $50. Maritime Flowers are sustainably and responsibly grown flowers. The mission is for a therapeutic & thoughtful addition to one's life without any harm to our Earth. The vision is inspired by waterfront wildflowers. Hearty surviving plants with medicinal properties to survive. What comes in must wash out and we can be one with the tide too.

MF is a pop-up shop outside in OBX

Slow Opening 2022… crawling out of the dirt and reaching for the sun….

MF is seasonal early spring through fall ~ only supporting seasonal natural growing cycles in SE region.

Want a private party at your beach house for flower arrangements or flower crowns class?

Starting at $150/hour this tutorial includes supplies for up to 6 people.

Flower Crowns are available at Farmers Markets. Or want to have a small class on making them at your beach house? We can do that too and all supplies included.

Looking forward to seeing you all spring 2022 at various markets!

The mission is to live simple, enjoy nature and reuse what we can. Earth provides us with all the happiness and therapeutic remedies we need. Enjoy the little things, compost the leftovers and recycle for more bountiful earthly wares.

Seeds are sowed… bundles are back this summer!

Art by John Tebeau visit


         For weekly deliveries or larger orders fill out the contact form. We love special occasions!

Thank you for picking Maritime Flowers!

All images Copyright 2018 Maritime Flowers

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